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Mescalon is working together with Xero to help its partners with their marketing needs. While this is not an exclusive partnership between Mescalon and Xero, we offer our expert services on all things marketing for all Xero partners.

Reach out to us for a one-time free, non-obligatory consultation session to find out how we can help you with your marketing needs.

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Make sure that you are a Silver, Gold, or Platinum partner.

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Xero supports your marketing efforts to promote your partner status.

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Submit the application form to gain pre-approval before commencing your marketing plans.

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Benefits of Xero Marketing Fund

The Xero partner marketing fund is exclusive to Silver, Gold and Platinum partners in Asia. It provides you with marketing funds to help your business attain greater success. With the Xero Marketing Fund, we will work with you to craft out a tailored marketing plan most suitable for your business. Some examples of marketing activities covered under the Xero partner programme are:


Digital & Social Advertising

This would include Facebook, LinkedIn ads and digital billboard advertising.


Online Website

This would include website design services such as UI/UX.


Newspaper & Magazines

This would include articles such as Industry publications.


Partner Marketing Collateral

This would include brochures, flyers or even Xero partner tee shirt


Mass Media Advertising

This would include advertising on platforms such as radio & TV.


Physical Events

This would include booth setup & design services

Xero Partner Entitlements


Get reimbursed up to:

USD$1,300 per FY (April 2021 to March 2022)


Get reimbursed up to :

USD$5,800 per FY (April 2021 to March 2022)


Get reimbursed up to :

USD$10,800 per FY (April 2021 to March 2022)

How The Xero Partner Marketing Fund Works

Apply For Funding Blurb

1. Submit the application form

Use our online form here to indicate your interest in the Xero Partner Marketing Fund.

We will reach out in 3 – 5 business days to further discuss your marketing needs.

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2. Schedule an online appointment

Upon reaching out, we will arrange a Zoom call with you to understand your marketing needs.

We will craft out a marketing campaign that can help you utilise Xero’s Partner Marketing Fund.

Share Activity Information

3. Proceed with Marketing Activity

After your activity has ended, we will share all other related information with you.

This includes any additional photos of the event, reports of the activity as well as invoices for your verification.

Get Reimbursed

4. Get Reimbursed!

Once Xero has verified and approved your invoices, they will process your reimbursement*.

*Please note that payment for the reimbursement may take up to 30 days.

*Note: Marketing fund refreshes every financial year-end (i.e. March).

Enquiry Form

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Who is eligible for the partner marketing funds?

Accounting practices who are Silver, Gold and Platinum Xero partners in Asia are eligible for this programme. Learn more about the benefits of the Xero Partner Programme here.

What am i entitled to?
Depending on your partner status, you will be entitled to marketing funds for Xero-approved marketing activities and events.

  • Silver partners can claim up to USD$500 per annum for approved marketing activities
  • Gold partners can claim up to USD$5,000 per annum for approved marketing activities
  • Platinum partners can claim up to USD$10,000 per annum for approved marketing activities

Additionally, all Silver, Gold and Platinum partners will be entitled to USD$200 per quarter for approved events only.

What is the difference between the event fund and the marketing fund?
The event fund is provided on a quarterly basis and covers only the costs of venue rental and food catering specific to the event. Your suppliers’ invoices will be reimbursed in full with a limit of USD$200 per quarter.

The marketing fund is provided on a yearly basis and covers all approved online and offline marketing activities that your team has planned to promote your status as a Xero partner.

Your suppliers’ invoices will be reimbursed on a dollar-for-dollar basis with a limit that applies based on your partner status.

Eg. Business A has conducted a workshop that promotes their service as a Xero partner. They booked an event room and have catered for food and beverages to be served during the event.

Additionally, they have also engaged a marketing agency to design and print brochures to be distributed at this workshop. After the event, Business A can claim reimbursement for the following from Xero:

  1. Booking of event room + food and beverage = As part of quarterly event fund
  2. Marketing agency’s fees to design and print the relevant marketing materials = As part of annual marketing fund

What are the approved marketing activities?
The Xero partner marketing fund covers your marketing activity including but not limited to:

  • Digital & social activities, such as Facebook ads & digital billboard advertising
  • Newspaper & magazine articles, such as Industry publications
  • Mass media advertising, such as Radio & TV
  • Editorial, such as content writing
  • Xero collaterals, such as flyers or brochures

*If you are unsure, please apply for the funding first and gain pre-approval before starting your marketing spend.

How do I apply?
Fill in the form on the left with your marketing or event plans. Our team will reach out in 3 – 5 business days to assess the validity of your activities.