Search Engine Optimisation

Improve Your Website’s Ranking on SERP

SEO is the effort taken to enhance your website via specialised processes to improve the ranking of your website on Google search pages. SEO done well is cost-efficient and will result in better quality and quantity of website traffic.

How does SEO Benefit your business?

Increase Rankings

Gain higher visibility as your website climb to the higher positions on the Search Engine Results Page.

Increase Website Traffic

Enjoy high organic traffic and valuable conversions through search engine optimisation methodologies tailored to your needs.

Build Trust & Credibility

By Ranking for relevant keywords, this allows people to come to your website for more information, which can be nurtured into a potential customer.

Staying Ahead of Competition

Chances are, your competitors are already working on SEO. We will help you reach relevant audiences and maintain brand salience.

How can Mescalon help you?


1. Needs Based Analysis

We will begin by uncovering your needs and business objectives, which will be used to conduct an audit on your existing site to determine what went right and what went wrong. 


2. Strategic Audit

Quality SEO is the way to go. We will move on to perform an in-depth audit on your site to examine your site links, performance, content analysis and etc against industry best practices. More importantly, we will observe your competitors’ activity and identify opportunities to better rankings.


3. SEO Implementation

It’s impossible to game the system, but there are a myriad of ways to get ranked on the top search pages. At Mescalon, we pride on our detail-oriented approach and white hat SEO practices to get ranked with reliability and trust. 

4. Review and Monitor

SEO is never a one time event. We will constantly review and make changes accordingly to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition and optimise for conversions. Remember, ranking on page 1 of the SERP meant nothing if they do not translate into a visit or sale. 

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