Paid Media Campaigns

Achieve Business Goals with Maximise ROAS

Paid media refer to marketing efforts to generate awareness, leads and conversions via sponsored platforms such as social media, display ads and paid search. Paid media campaigns implemented well can greatly boost brand outreach and unlock completely new market opportunities.

How does Paid Media Campaigns Benefit your business?

Precise Targeting

Understand your audiences’ behaviour and consumption patterns in order to boost conversion rates.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Connect with audiences that have interacted with your website or ads, and convert them to loyal customers.

Generate Immediate Results

Promote your business with paid campaigns, one of the fastest-to-launch marketing strategies help you identify potential customers.

Know your Audience

Paid campaigns help you gain insights of your audience and is useful in further profiling your target audience.

How can Mescalon help you?


1. Needs Based Analysis

We will begin by evaluating your needs and business objectives, which will be used to conceptualise a marketing plan that is tailored to your business needs. 


2. Audience Analysis

Before any implementation, we will conduct a detailed audience analysis to profile audience that are unique to your campaigns and business objectives. Good audience analysis essentially translates into better quality leads and better conversion rates.

3. Remarketing & Retargeting

Give your audience a nudge and prompt them to take action by offering exclusive promotions or simply connect with audiences who have previously interacted with your website or ads. Our SEM experts are also trained to ensure that there’s no breach in data privacy acts – serve ads the right way.


4. Customised Metrics Reporting

Receive detailed mid-term and end-term campaign reports alongside field observations, analytics and professional recommendations to improve your campaigns. Understanding what’s working (or not) during campaigns would mean maximising advertising dollars for better returns.

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