Digital Analytics Articles

The Digital Marketing Metrics That Matter

There are just so many things to track in your digital marketing campaign! How do you define which are the digital marketing metrics that matter to your business? Which data points can actually help you achieve your business goals?

Boosting Web Traffic Through Web Development

Website visibility is closely tied to other benefits such as increased revenue. This is why boosting web traffic is of utmost importance to businesses. There are various strategies that you can utilise to boost your website traffic. We will share with you the best practises to help you grow your website visitors.

Importance of Website Analytics In Digital Marketing

Gain valuable insights through your website analytics process. Identify consumer patterns and behaviours that parallels the marketing funnel for your business.

Is Split Testing Right For My Business?

Split testing is a useful strategy to yield maximum conversions. It is a great way to optimise your campaign as it is based on the actions of real people. From the results, you will be able to determine which marketing component is most effective in achieving your marketing goals.

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