Digital Advertising Articles

The Digital Marketing Metrics That Matter

There are just so many things to track in your digital marketing campaign! How do you define which are the digital marketing metrics that matter to your business? Which data points can actually help you achieve your business goals?

SEO vs PPC: When To Use Each?

You want to boost your website traffic. Which should your focus on? Both SEO and PPC are part of the overarching digital marketing model of search marketing. In this article, we dive deep into SEO vs PPC, and the unique qualities about them. 

Social Media Advertising For Small Businesses

Social media advertising helps your customers to discover, learn and purchase your products & services. It is integral to your business success. We’ll share with you some guidelines that will help you get started with planning your social media strategy. 

The Truth About Vanity Metrics

Vanity metrics are metrics that make your campaign look good.In truth, vanity metrics can be misleading and ineffective in determining the success of your campaign. To identify vanity metrics, you will need to consider 3 important questions in your analysis work.

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